This exhibition, entitled The Talk of the Town,  was shown at the Westport Historical Society during the month of October 2015.  The exhibition was held alongside the publication of The New Yorker in Westport, a book written by my friends Andrew Bentley and Eve Potts, featuring more than 60 covers from the 90 year history of the New Yorker depicting iconic scenes of Westport or painted by artists from Westport.

On its face, the project seemed simple enough:  Go see what the New Yorker artists saw decades ago and, wherever possible, recreate the same images today -- but this time with a camera.  In some cases, it was easy because the painter had captured the original scene with great fidelity.  In others, artistic license taken by the painter made it difficult to recreate the exact same scene.  In most cases, the scene originally depicted no longer exists, or they were painted strictly from the imaginations of the artists.  My biggest challenge as a photographer was not merely to turn paintings into photographs.  I wanted to recreate the same "sense of place" that was captured by the original artists.

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